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Nema Health

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024

About Us

Nema Health is a survivor and clinician led virtual clinic for PTSD & trauma care. Our mission is to guide trauma survivors at every step of their journey towards healing, starting first with the remote, massed delivery of cognitive processing therapy (CPT). We are seeking a passionate and mission-driven clinician to join our elite group of trauma therapists that provide best-in-class care to survivors. This role reports directly to our Clinical Director.

We offer clinicians an unparalleled opportunity to be the best in their fields. Our clinicians receive training and consultation directly with the co-inventor of CPT, Dr. Kate Chard, and mentorship from other renowned clinicians. Clinicians are afforded opportunities to participate in research, program development and leadership. Nema therapists strive to provide the best quality of care possible, because trauma survivors only deserve the most compassionate, effective treatment possible. As an expanding clinic, promotions and growth opportunities abound. Clinicians are highly regarded members of the Nema team, and are compensated accordingly.

Our applications are accepted on a rolling basis to align with our growth plans and the dynamic nature of our opportunities. After submitting your information, we will cross-reference it with our current openings and follow up via email with next steps if there is a potential match. Our opportunities are continuously evolving, so there may not be an immediate fit; however, we are eager to maintain a connection and learn more about you, your career journey, and your passion for trauma treatment so that we can identify the best opportunity to work together. If you are a clinician who is passionate about treating survivors of trauma with evidence-based psychotherapies, particular Cognitive Processing Therapy, please consider applying!

Our Beliefs

Diversity Drives Excellence: We believe that embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is fundamental to our success, both in serving patients and fostering a culture of respect and compassion.

Bring Joy To Work: We prioritize creating a positive and supportive work environment, celebrating successes, fostering a sense of humor, and providing emotional support for our team members.

Our Values

Honor Through Impact: We genuinely impact people's lives by providing access to innovative PTSD therapies, always focusing on measurable improvements in patient health and well-being.

Thoughtful Planning Enables Speed: We believe in thorough planning to ensure smart and sustainable decisions. After diligent consideration, we precisely and relentlessly implement our plans.

Connect Through Compassionate Candor: We embrace open and compassionate communication, viewing tough conversations as opportunities for growth and continuous improvement.

Character Over Credentials: We value qualities like hard work, integrity, and a willingness to learn more than just qualifications or titles, emphasizing the importance of team members' character.

Live North Of Fair: We consistently do what's right, even when it's not the easiest path, and prioritize generosity, fairness, and transparency in all our actions, both inside and outside the company.

The Staff Trauma Therapist will:

Clinical Functions (80%)

  • Conduct thorough and accurate patient diagnostic evaluations
  • Treat a caseload of approximately patients using evidence-based therapies for PTSD and related conditions.
  • Carry a full caseload of approximately 5 patients, seen 3-5 times per week, for a maximum of 25 visits weekly.
  • Effectively triage patients to admission or provide appropriate referrals based on their clinical needs and the resources available
  • Manage and/or answer clinical inquiries and inbound patient phone screening calls
  • Assist in care coordination efforts & logistics with the administrative team (e.g. referring patients out or coordinating directly with other providers in the patient’s care team as needed)
  • Ensure that accurate and precise documentation records are kept

Operational Functions (20%)

  • Offer input in building and managing practice operations and systems to ensure achievement of weekly/monthly operational, clinical, and quality goals
  • Identify and address opportunities for process efficiencies and streamlining of operations in conjunction with the operations team
  • Provide input in recruiting, onboarding and overall experience of the clinical team
  • Assist in identifying protocols to ensure successful communication between clinicians and management
  • Assist the Clinical Director in external communications to drive referrals
  • Support the professional development of the clinical team, such as through the creation of training programs, continuing education, and mentorship opportunities
  • Provide flexible support where needed to the Clinical Director and operations team



  • PhD with at least 2 years post-graduate clinical experience OR Master’s level clinician with 3-5 years post-graduate clinical experience
  • Outstanding clinical skills, including “webside” manner, diagnostic ability and CPT delivery
  • Active licensure in NY, NJ and CT (can assist in securing license if needed)
  • CPT provider status required
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Organized, reliable, and can operate autonomously on core duties


  • Training in DBT strongly preferred
  • Training in other trauma-focused modalities such as PE or EMDR preferred
  • Clinical supervisory/management experience preferred
  • Spanish-speaking and ability to provide therapy in Spanish preferred
  • Experience working in the early stages of a group practice or company

Personal Qualities You Bring

  • You love taking care of patients, especially trauma survivors, and ensure you provide the highest quality of care to them.
  • You want to grow in your career - as a leader, as a clinician, and as a person.
  • You’ll advocate for your patients, flagging any pertinent issues for the rest of the team.
  • You care about health equity, providing culturally sensitive care and improving health disparities.
  • You are detail oriented, including providing meticulous attention to documentation and patient care details.
  • You believe in evidence-based treatments for PTSD, and that their dissemination and fidelity are important.
  • You care deeply about clinical quality and rigor, including using measurement-based care in PTSD.
  • You strive to continuously improve, and know that there is no ceiling to excellence. You recognize your strengths, are aware of your opportunities for growth, and crave constructive feedback.
  • You want to have fun where you work, and be a part of a team.

Nema Health is an early stage clinic looking to build and grow nationally. This is a fully remote, full time, exempt, salaried position reporting directly to the Clinical Director. Compensation will be determined by the candidate's experience. The full-time compensation package will include a $90,000+ salary range, unlimited PTO, a healthcare stipend, an education stipend, an annual work-from-home productivity stipend, 401K with match and paid parental leave.